Cleaning Surgical Instruments fast. Surgical Instrument Cleaner for cleaning & removing stains. Cleaning Surgical Instruments lowering cleaning costs.
Buy surgical instrument washer disinfectors that cut costs. The Surgical Instrument Washers Decontaminators Disinfectors detergent wash then apply high flow low water with a cleaning concentrate (at ~ 135 degrees F) in such a manner as to evenly reach all areas of the load and strip bioburden from the surgical instruments.  The elevated temperature (at ~ 194 to 209 degrees F) purified water final rinses secure the biocidal process, removes mineral deposits from prior cycles and lubricates the instruments. The high temperature (at ~ 158 to 230 degrees F) dry cycle presents heated, forced air which dries each device. The mechanical treatments for cleaning surgical instruments include the: cold water pre-wash to flush proteinaceous debris and prevent the baking on of proteinaceous debris, a pre wash with enzyme detergent enzymes to breakdown all forms of bioburden, optional ultrasonic cleaning for the most challenging cleaning tasks, enzymatic detergent wash, purified water rinses with a lubricant, and hot air drying. This process includes the times and temperatures for disinfecting surgical instruments. The chemical treatments for cleaning surgical instruments include the use of: protease, amylase, lipase, and carbohydrase, enzyme cleaners, surfactant detergents, and the lubricant. The chemical treatments should include enzymatic cleaners to break down bioburden, surfactant surface cleaners to remove the soil from the surface, agents to remove stains, water conditioners to condition the source water, ingredients to dissolve mineral incrustation, and lubricants to free and maintain moving parts. 
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