ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument detergent cleaners deliver all the ingredients needed for; soaking, rehydrating dried on debris, removing stains, dissolving mineral deposits, manually cleaning medical devices, ultrasonic cleaning, and automated medical instrument washers.

The ONEcleaner enzymes work with detergents during every cleaning cycle, maximizing their potential for cleaning residue free.

The all-in-ONEcleaner applies a medical instrument lubricant during every cleaning cycle. ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents are highly concentrated for rapid cleaning and lower cleaning costs.

ONEcleaner medical instrument detergents deliver an average concentration that is 400% higher than the other enzyme detergent products. One gallon can deliver 512 gallons (1938 liters) of cleaning and conditioning power. The dilution rate is .25 to .5 ounces per gallon (1.9 ml liters to 3.8 ml per liter) depending on the level of bioburden, encrustation, and stains.

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