Medical Enzymes for Cleaning Surgical Instruments

Medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners 
must deliver four types of enzymes that break down the types of bioburden on medical surgical instruments. Procedures that involve suction, such as orthopedics and phacoemulsification, render emulsified lipid and protein forms of bioburden, which presents a difficult cleaning challenge.

Eye surgical instrument cleaners must be capable of breaking down and removing emulsified bioburden.

The cleaning capabilities of medical enzymes are  limited to specific types of bioburden. Medical enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms that act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions that would otherwise occur at a much slower rate or not at all. Medical enzyme cleaners are not used up in a single cleaning task and can be reused for multiple cleaning tasks, unless the enzymes are overwhelmed by the level of bioburden.

Medical surgical surgical instrument cleaning enzymes have specific cleaning capabilities like a key fits a lock. Medical enzymes are capable of cleaning only specific types of bioburden. If the enzyme type does not match the type of bioburden no cleaning occurs. The cleaning capability of medical enzymes is specific to types of surgical bioburden. For this reason four types of enzymes are needed for effectively cleaning medical surgical instruments.

Protease enzymes
break down proteins (blood).
Amylase enzymes
break down starches. 
Lipase enzymes
break down lipids (fats). 
Carbohydrase enzymes
break down complex starches.

Enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents that do not include these four medical enzymes working with surface cleaning detergents cannot effectively break down and remove all forms of surgical instrument bioburden.

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