​Pricing for Enzyme Detergent Cleaners the Universal Processing Solution

0225-01, ONEcleaner Enzyme Cleaner Detergents
$112.94 ($28.24 per gallon) case of 4 gallons with 1 pump 
shipping weight 41 pounds,
 for manually cleaning medical devices, soaking re-hydrating debris, removing mineral encrustations and stains, for use with ultrasonic cleaners, scope cleaners, and automated washer disinfectors.

0225-32, easy FOAM-it soaking FOAM Enzymatic Cleaners
$116.85 case of 12, 32 oz. bottles with FOAM applicator
shipping weight 26 pounds,
 for soaking re-hydrating dried on debris, removing stains and mineral encrustations, lubricating the surface and strengthening the passive layer of protection against corrosion.

0225-05, ONEcleaner Enzyme Cleaner Detergents
$129.82 5 gallon jug,
 shipping weight 48 pounds
for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

0225-15, ONEcleaner Enzyme Cleaner Detergents
$389.80 15 gallon jug,
 shipping weight 145 pounds
for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

0225-30, ONEcleaner Enzyme Cleaner Detergents
$778.84 30 gallon jug,
 shipping weight 270 pounds
for use with automated washer disinfectors, case cart washers, and ultrasonic instrument cleaners.

The 0225-23 soaking easy FOAM-it Enzymatic Cleaner with Lubricant is typically used as a pre wash cleaner for surgical instruments. Applied to soiled surgical instruments, the UPS-23 easy-FOAM-it soaking pre wash delivers a thick layer of FOAM. The easy FOAM-it ingredients deliver all the ingredients needed to rehydrate debris, dissolve mineral encrustations and remove stains. The easy FOAM-it facilitates rapid and residue free cleaning.

The 0225-01 enzyme detergent, 4 gallons with 1 pump, is typically used at a decontamination work sink, injecting 1 pump from the gallon jug of the all-in-ONE enzyme detergents per gallon of water. The all-in-ONE surgical instrument enzyme detergents is also for use as an ultrasonic cleaner solution, injecting 1 pump of the all-in-ONE per gallon of water. Lubricating surgical instrument enzyme cleaners build the passive protective layer of surgical stainless steel that avoids corrosion.

The 0225-05 enzyme detergents are typically used with automated surgical instrument washers. Surgical instrument cleaners with lubricants cut costs. The all-in-ONE can replace the jugs used for: enzyme cleaners, detergent surgical instrument cleaners, and surgical instrument lubricants. The 0025-05 surgical instrument enzyme detergents replace all of the products used by automated surgical instrument washers.

Enzymes cleaners without detergents do not clean effectively. Surface cleaning detergents are necessary to clean the surface while the four enzymes break down bioburden. The combination of enzymes with detergents is necessary for optimal cleaning. Contact us for medical enzyme cleaners and surgical instrument detergents that lubricate while they clean.

ONEcleaner medical enzyme cleaners are non-irritating yet delivers powerful cleaning performance for cleaning surgical instruments, utensils, and scopes. The all-in-ONE enzyme detergent cleaners clean rapidly, cut costs, and deliver residue free medical devices.

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