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It is widely understood that "Washer Sterilizers" do not sterilize surgical Instruments. Then why do we call them "Washer Sterilizers" ? Surgical Instrument Washers, Washer Decontaminators Washer Disinfectors were referred to as "Washer Sterilizers" by manufacturers prior to the FDA regulations that require approval for a products marketing terminology is based on evidence of product efficacy. Products, such as Washer Sterilizers, that were manufactured prior to the the FDA Regulations can continue to call their products by their pre-regulation terminology. The only products that can be called Washer Sterilizers are those that were being manufactured prior to the enactment of the FDA Regulations. It has been demonstrated that a properly designed Surgical Instrument Washers, Washer Decontaminators, or Washer Disinfectors can consistently deliver surgical instruments that are sterile. Surgical Instrument Washers are not intended to be Washer Sterilizers. One research study states: All instruments and utensils tested were sterile at the completion of the process. Click Here to review the APIC Abstract. This study was initiated to discover a higher quality cleaning outcome and an acceptable replacement for the "Washer Sterilizer". 
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Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaner Product Description
All of the manufacturers of surgical instrument enzymatic cleaners purchase their enzymes from the same manufactures of enzymes and all of the enzymes perform in an identical manner. The differences in performance, from one enzymatic cleaner to another enzymatic cleaner, is determined by the concentration of the enzymes within the product, the combination of the multiple enzymes, and the combination of the enzymes with other cleaning ingredients, such as: detergents, water softeners, surface conditioners, and a lubricant. 
Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaner Optimal Temperatures: 
The optimal temperature for maximum enzymatic enzyme detergent cleaning performance peaks at 137 degrees Fahrenheit (137 degree Fahrenheit = 58.33 degree Celsius). The cleaning activity of the enzyme detergents at temperatures below and above this point is less but does offer cleaning value. The cleaning activity of the enzyme detergents does not stop at this temperature but is does lessen as the temperature increases or decreases. 
Enzyme Detergent Cleaners Optimal Dosage Rates: 
The optimal dosage rate (ounces diluted per carrier solution, usually neutral pH water) is a function of the types of enzymes within the enzyme cleaning concentrate and the concentration level of those enzymes. 
There are four types of enzymes use for enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners. Lipase Enzyme Detergent Cleaners: breakdown fat to cleave fatty acid residue from the glycerol residue in a neutral fat or a phospholipid. Amylase Enzyme Detergent Cleaners: breakdown starch to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch to sugar to produce carbohydrate derivatives. Carbohydrase Enzyme Detergent Cleaners: breakdown starch to a lower level to catalyze the hydrolysis of higher carbohydrates to lower forms. Protease Enzyme Detergent Cleaners: breakdown blood including the proteinases and peptidases, to catalyze the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins. 
Enzyme Surgical Instrument Detergent Cleaner Product Usage: The use of Enzyme Detergent Cleaners of various compositions and concentrations becoming common. Over half of all detergent cleaners available contain enzymes. Details of which enzymes are used within enzymatic enzyme detergent cleaners and the ways in which they are best used, are rarely published. 
Enzyme Detergent Cleaners 
Common misunderstandings exist pertaining to the application of enzymatic enzyme detergents including the times and temperatures for optimal cleaning outcomes. Although generalities can be misleading for specific applications there parameters for the use of enzymatic enzyme detergents that can render a high probability of excellent cleaning outcomes.
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