The Purpose of a Surgical Instrument Washer
The purpose of a surgical instrument washer is to deliver surgical instruments that are clean and safe to handle for reprocessing and surgical instruments that are clean so that they can be sterilized. Surgical instruments that are not clean cannot be sterilized. Surgical Instrument Washers properly prepare surgical instruments for sterilization by Terminal Sterilizers. Clean is the Prerequisite for Sterilization. The Proper Sequence of Surgical Instrument Washer Treatments includes a series of mechanical and chemical treatments. The mechanical surgical instrument washer treatments include: cold water surgical instrument pre-wash, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning, detergent wash, purified water rinses, and hot air drying. The chemical surgical instrument washer treatments include: surgical instrument enzyme cleaners, surgical instrument washer detergents, surgical instrument surface conditioners, and surgical instrument lubricants. Contact us for: Surgical Instrument Washer DetergentsSurgical Instrument Washer CleanersSurgical Instrument Washers with gentle washing cycles, and Surgical Instrument Washers to remove pathological organisms from surgical instruments. Click here for the study. Proper Surgical Instrument Washer design will deliver optimal  performance. Surgical Instrument Washers perform the proper sequence of treatments: pre-wash, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner detergent, purified water elevated temperature rinsing, lubrication and high temperature drying. The Washington University School of Medicine at Washington University Medical Center tested Surgical Instrument WashersClick here for study. Click here for study. Surgical Instrument washers safety avoid the risks associated with Cleaning cannulated surgical instruments. Gentle Surgical Instrument Washer cycles are ideal for cleaning eye surgical instruments.  Contact us for product information that will deliver lower surgical instrument cleaning costs and the surgical instrument cleaning that you and your surgical instruments deserve. 

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Surgical Instrument Washers 
Surgical Instrument Washers safely contain the surgical instrument cleaning process and the contaminated aerosols while they wash and remove debris. Click here for a clinical study. Buy Surgical Instrument Washers designed for cost effectively washing surgical instruments. Eliminate hand washing surgical instruments and lower your surgical instrument cleaning costs. Surgical instrument washers boost washing productivity. Contact us for Surgical Instrument WashersSurgical Instrument Cleanerscountertop surgical instrument washerstabletop surgical instrument washersunder counter surgical instrument washers, and surgical instrument washers designed for for cleaning eye surgical instrumentsContact us for product information cut your washing costs and deliver the high quality  surgical instrument washing
Surgical instrument washers and washer disinfector detergents 

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Surgical Instrument Washers
Surgical Instrument Washers